The Lancaster VR Lounge Set To Open In Lancaster City This November

Those in Lancaster city will be pleased to know that a new virtual reality (VR) arcade is soon to be opening within the city, bringing immersive experiences to attendees. Set in a 2,500 square-foot space in the Keppel Building at 325 N. Queen St, visitors will be able to enjoy a massive selection of different attractions all under one roof.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge

The Lancaster VR Lounge will consist of eight to fourteen different bays where visitors will be able to put on a headset and select a title to experience from a catalog of more than 200 videogames or activities, including first-person shooter titles along with other titles that offer a chance to travel the world. Visitors will be able to rent time in the eight-by-eight-foot, canvas-walled bays to enjoy the single or multiplayer content using a range of handheld, motion tracked controllers.

The owner Eric Kazda, who is also president of the Lancaster digital marketing firm Quantum Dynamix, said he expects to invest around $200,00 in the VR arcade when speaking to Lancaster Online. The amount includes the cost of the equipment and headsets for the arcade along with covering the cost of construction as well. Kazda is hoping to have the work completed by late November, meaning those looking to attend will not need to wait to long to enjoy the experiences.

Lancaster Virtual Reality Lounge

Those looking to enjoy a free 30 minute play session once the Lancaster VR Lounge opens can do so by signing up for the newsletter. This will also ensure those interested receive all the latest updates on progress, along with coupons, promotions and event information.

Kazda explained as well that they plan to keep regular open hours during the late afternoon and evening while being available during the day for private events as well. There is currently no information on how much it will cost to hire out the venue or book a play session, but that will revealed soon. He also expressed an interest in working with the local colleges to enlist students to develop videogames and experiences for the Lancaster VR Lounge, along with being a means for them to also test their projects as well.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Lancaster VR Lounge in the future