The Darkness Awaits As Blind Emerges Onto VR

Imagine waking up alone, in a mysterious and eerie mansion house, without your sight and with only echoes to guide you. This is the fate visited about Jean, the protagonist of newly released virtual reality (VR) mystery-thriller Blind.

Blind is the creation of developer Tiny Bull Studios along with independent publisher Fellow Traveller (previously known as Surprise Attack Games). Blind was created to offer players thought-provoking puzzles and challenging exploration of the unknown.

Blind Screenshot 3

As Jean, players awake in a strange room without sight and with a cloudy memory. The only guide they have is the strange and unsettling Warden. Navigating through the mysterious mansion involves using echolocation, which will reveal the outline of objects. Clever use of this ability is needed to solve puzzles and uncover the mystery of Jean’s past.

“Point of view is integral to the first-person gaming experience, since players need to feel like they’re accurately observing and living in the world around their character,” said Matteo Lana, CEO of Tiny Bull Studios. “A lot of first-person games can operate on an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to the environment, but this wasn’t the case for Blind. Since the fundamental core of our game is based on redefining the player’s sight, we focused on creating an environment where players really get to engage with and keep tabs on their surroundings, becoming familiar with the mansion as they would with their own home.”

Blind is out new in digital format for the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) VR headsets. It can be bought from Steam, the Oculus Store or PlayStation Store for $24.99 (USD).

A physical retail release of Blind is being published by Perp Games, which will be available from 28th September, with a North American release to follow.

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