Take on a Sea of Colour When Neonwall VR Arrives Next Week

With plenty of virtual reality (VR) puzzlers on the market Spanish developer Norain Games and publisher JanduSoft hope to make their mark with multi-platform title Neonwall VR, due to launch next week.

Neonwall VR

Neonwall VR is a fast paced action puzzle experience where players control an orb across a brightly lit wall. Using motion controllers they need to manipulate the environment so that the orb can continue on its route and complete the level. Drag, change colour and shoot with the VR controllers, speeding up and slowing down the orb as required.

Projecting two coloured lasers these can break blocks, move them and most importantly exchange the colour with the neon ball. Matching the colour of the ball with the wall will unlock certain benefits, allowing it to move faster, open doors on the floor and wall of its color. Lasers only interact with elements of the same colour, so with three colors to switch between players have to carefully juggle the correct one between the lasers and the ball.

There are three challenging modes to playthrough, Runner, Puzzle and Time trial, with more than 50 levels in total to complete, suitable for room-scale and seated gameplay.

Neonwall VR

JanduSoft will be bringing Neonwall VR out for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and PlayStation VR next Thursday 13th September. For the latest VR news from around the world, keep reading VRFocus.