Supernatural Victorian VR Thriller The Awakened Announced

To anyone who studies that era of history, it becomes plain that the Victorians appeared to be somewhat obsessed with death and the supernatural. Ghost stories proliferated, fuelled by the rise of Spiritualism which claimed to offer proof of life after death. Developer Raylight Games is tapping into this in its upcoming Victorian virtual reality (VR) thriller, The Awakened.

The Awakened puts the player in the role of disgraced detective, Robert Royce, who is haunted by drams of a friend’s murder, only to discover that the dreams are far more real that he imagined.

The title is said to offer the player the chance to explore the foggy streets of Victorian London and investigate grisly murders using strange supernatural powers that protagonist Royce has developed. Strange and eccentric characters about, many of whom hold clues to the mystery.

Horror elements are heavily present, as the player finds themselves caught up in the machinations of an evil cult as the dark past of Detective Royce starts to catch up with him.

A teaser trailer has been released, which shows images of lamp-lit streets, along with the inside of what appears to be a mansion house as the player rifles through drawers, finding strange objects of unknown purpose and talking to residents, guests and household staff. The final image shows a horrifying, distorted creature leaping towards the camera.

Few other details about The Awakened are currently available, but the title is said to be heading to Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, with the suggestions that a non-VR version will also be coming to PC and PlayStation VR. No word yet on plans for HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality support.

Further information is available on the Raylight Games website, and the teaser trailer is available to view below. Future coverage of The Awakened and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.