Streaming Video Alliance Releases Documents On 360-Degree Video

The use of 360-degree video is still rising, with many users viewing it as a route into virtual reality (VR). The Streaming Video Alliance has now announced new documents which cover the current state of 360-degree and virtual reality (VR) video and best practices for content creators and distributors.

The Streaming Video Alliance is an industry forum which is dedicated towards solving challenges around improving the video experience. The new documents were produced by the Virtual Reality Study Group.

Streaming Video Alliance (PRNewsfoto/Streaming Video Alliance)

The documents identify 360-degree video as ‘an exciting evolution of traditional video content’ and notes that entertainment companies and traditional businesses are experimenting with its uses. Consumer adoption of VR video is still in early stages, s the document identifies, but creators and companies are seeing the potential for how the new medium can be used to tell new types of stories or deliver brand advertising.

The aim of the report is said to be a look at the 360-degree market and the technology behind it, as well as examining the challenges and approaches available to content creators.

“The deep collaboration between our member companies is how a document such as the VR/360-degree video report comes to life. Behind the scenes it was a tremendous effort by a number of members, and it’s immensely rewarding to see the power of the Alliance at work,” said Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Alliance, “This report is a solid primer on the current state of 360-degree video and our goal with it is to help companies make educated technology and business decisions regarding the pursuit of this medium.”

Consumer adoption of 360-degree video is expected to accelerate as more affordable software and hardware options come onto the market. Research has also shown that 360-degree advertising prompts more engagement from users than static advertising.

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