Space Channel 5 VR Prepares To Broadcast Onto PlayStation VR

The SEGA Dreamcast is unique as it is perhaps more beloved after its lifespan than during it. A case of not knowing what you had until it had gone, SEGA’s last home console was almost too ahead of its time in many ways and it and its videogame library brought about a great many ideas now considered standard in the industry.

Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News FlashOne colourful rhythm-action title that made waves was a slightly surreal one about an intergalactic news reporter in the mini-est of vinyl miniskirts who found herself part of a story of alien invasion. Saving the day not through journalism but effectively via a series of dance-offs. That title was Space Channel 5 and it still beloved today, the character of Ulala being elevated to one of publisher SEGA’s ‘All-Stars’.

A virtual reality (VR) version of Space Channel 5 has been a reality for over two years now. Appearing at 2016’s Tokyo Game Show as Space Channel 5 VR: Ukiuki Viewing Show, the initial six minute demo originally used an HTC Vive to transport people five hundred years into a future of interstellar broadcast networks, hostage rescuing and Space Michael Jackson.

Initially an experience for arcades earlier this year the rechristened Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash! confirmed plans at least for a home release thanks to a “Game Hardware for Console Version” label, which said it was TBD – or ‘To Be Determined’.  Now however in the run up to this year’s Tokyo Game Show the PlayStation VR has been confirmed as a platform for release. What has sadly not been confirmed is any release date, or how any Western release might factor into proceedings. However, a newly released trailer for the announcement at least shows that Ulala, the invading Morolians and the residents of the space station are looking, graphically, better than ever.

You can watch that below. We’ll bring you more news about Space Channel 5 VR as soon as we have it on VRFocus.