Sony Reveal Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

Ever since the Final Fantasy franchise started getting its own virtual reality (VR) spin-offs, there has been speculation about when or if that support would be heading over to popular sister franchise, Kingdom Hearts. It seems that fans are finally getting their wish with the announcement of the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience.

The announcement was made during the PlayStation Lineup Tour in Japan, part of Sony’s run-up to the Tokyo Game Show which is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Though few details are currently available, a short teaser video was released which seems to indicate that the VR spin-off is more towards ‘experience’ than a full videogame. It appears as though the currently unnamed Kingdom Hearts VR experience will let players engage with key moments in the Kingdom Hearts titles from Sora’s perspective, allowing users to swing the iconic keyblade for themselves.

Kingdom Hearts is no stranger to experimenting with different gameplay styles or different consoles, having appeared on the PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and the most recently released title on PlayStation 4.

The VR experience is believed to be a tie-in to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, which despite the title is actually the tenth title in the series. Kingdom Hearts 3 is said to be the conclusion to the ‘seeker of darkness’ saga, which began in the original Kingdom Hearts, though other titles are still planned, which will cover new stories in the same universe.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed to be running on Unreal Engine 4, it is unknown if he VR experience will be following suit, but it would seem to be a logical choice considering the VR support built into the engine.

The experience is set to be for the PlayStation VR, though a release date and price have yet to be confirmed. The teaser video is available to view below. For further coverage of Kingdom Hearts VR or other upcoming VR experiences, keep checking back with VRFocus.