Skonec Entertainment Prove They’re All About Location-Based VR

If you’ve never been to South Korea then you should know its a very technologically forward focused country – hardly surprising with tech giant like LG and Samsung based there. VRFocus recently went there and found an impressive amount of virtual reality (VR) there, where we spent time with location-based entertainment (LBE) specialist Skonec Entertainment to learn more about the company’s ongoing projects.

Operation Black Wolf Battle of The Desert

Having featured a number of times on VRFocus, Skonec Entertainment is best known for its VR title Mortal Blitz which is available for both home VR headsets as well as its LBE attraction. Such is the growing popularity of VR arcades around the world the team have been working on several other titles as well as its own hardware tech for businesses.

VRFocus originally reported back in February that the studio was developing three new experiences, two shooters Mortal Blitz Legacy and tactical FPS Operation Black Wolf: Battle of The Desert, plus Dark Tale Heroes a MMORPG style fantasy themed multiplayer. Development team lead and chief developer at Skonec Entertainment, JongHyeon Yuk, discussed how the projects were going and what time frame the team were working towards regarding release dates.

Apart from the Mortal Blitz release Skonec is mostly focused on its home market at present, opening its own official location in Seoul, VR Square back in May. It plans on adding a further 2-3 more VR Square’s in Korea over the course of this year.

Mortal Blitz Legacy

That’s not to say the company isn’t starting to look further afield having attended the 4th annual AR & VR Conference at Manchester Metropolitan University as part of a group of South Korean technology companies backed by government organisation Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA).

Check out the video interview below. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Skonec Entertainment and its location-based VR plans, reporting back with any further developments.