Seven New Games Coming to PlayStation VR This Week

PlayStation VR owners hankering for a new videogame to add to their collection are in for a treat this week, with seven titles due to launch on PlayStation Store. These cover a range of genres from sci-fi and puzzle to psychological horror and first-person shooters (FPS), there’s a little something for everyone. 


Some of these are more well-known than others, with titles like Transference by Ubisoft one of the more notable experiences thanks to promotion by Hollywood actor Elijah Wood. This is a story-driven horror videogame which mixes both live-action performances with twisted computer graphics, there players find themselves inside a digital simulation created by the thoughts of a scientist and his family. Of course, being the scary experience that it is, not everything is as it seems. To see that VRFocus thinks, read our Transference review.

Also on the roster is Blind, another somewhat dark puzzle experience from Tiny Bull Studios. There are no scares in this however, with the title’s mechanic being that players are blind. To see they need to use echolocation, making noise to highlight their surrounds and ‘see’ a black and white world around them. Check out VRFocus’ preview of Blind and expect to see a review ahead of launch.

For those after a bit more action then there’s sequel Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War by Chinese developer Winking Entertainment. Continuing the story, the studio claims this followup will offer greater freedom over the originals on-rails shooting.

Unearthing Mars 2 - image3

The last of the bigger titles is Downward Spiral: Horus Station, another sequel, offering more sci-fi-based low gravity antics on board a space station that’s been deserted. Having previously launched for PC VR headsets VRFocus reviewed the Oculus Rift version to give you an idea of what to expect.

As for the rest, there’s The Door which sounds like another horror, escape-room style videogame; Neonwall, a pure puzzler; and Trickster VR: Dungeon Crawler, a procedurally generated fantasy adventure. That’s all for this week on PlayStation VR, if anything else pops up VRFocus will let you know.