SeaWorld Orlando Remove VR Headsets From Their Kraken Rollercoaster

Back in 2017 SeaWorld Orlando revamped their Kraken rollercoaster by added virtual reality (VR) headsets and feature to the ride to enhance the experience for visitors. Last month however it was reported that the headsets were missing from the ride and now it has been reported that the VR headsets on the Kraken rollercoaster are gone for good.

As reported by kvoa, the word comes from park officials who have confirmed that the removal of the VR headsets has indeed taken place and that they are gone for good. Though no detailed explanation has been given at this time it was noted that cleaning and adjusting the headsets for users was slowing down the lines of the Kraken rollercoaster to much. Given that this would of had a knock on effect on the overall satisfaction of users visiting the park, it is not really a surprise that the decision has been made to remove them.

The VR headsets were debuted back in June of last year and used as a means to enhance the ride which originally opened in 2000. Those with a VR headset on found themselves immersed within a virtual submarine that would follow the movements of the ride to evade deep-sea creatures such as the mighty Kraken. With the physical sensations provided with the locomotion and G-forces of the ride, combined with the virtual experience, the end result was something quite unique that gave visitors a real treat.

Now that the VR headset have been removed, those who were unable to experience the ride will be unlikely to find a means to enjoy it to the same degree in the future. It is possible that SeaWorld could release the video as a standalone experience for VR headsets but there is no word on if such a thing might happen at this time. Of course, without the 65mph speeds of the Kraken rollercoaster to enhance the experience, it wouldn’t be the same anyway.

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