Run Screaming Through Your House Playing Face Your Fears 2 on Oculus Quest

There’s nothing like a good horror videogame to get the heart racing, especially when it comes to virtual reality (VR) content. Turtle Rock Studios released Face Yours Fears way back in 2016 for Samsung Gear VR, and with the official unveiling of Oculus Quest yesterday the studio is developing a sequel, Face Your Fears 2.

Face Your Fears 2

On display at this weeks Oculus Connect 5 (OC5) conference in California, Face Your Fears 2 goes straight for the jugular when it comes to scaring the life out of guests, by introducing lots and lots of spiders, from tiny creepy crawly eight legged horrors, to massive beasts trying to climb through windows. So if you’re even slightly arachnophobic then this is the title for you.

As VRFocus’ intrepid reporter Nina finds out in her preview there’s plenty to make you jump, with a dark and dingy atmosphere nicely setting the mood before all those spiders start jumping at your face – which is usually most people’s main fear when it comes to arachnids.

Of course there’s the added benefit that Face Your Fears 2 is on the very latest Oculus headset which features inside-out tracking. Before on the Gear VR version you could only look around and crumple to the floor screaming, much like Oculus Rift horror titles due to the cable. This time however you’ve got much more freedom to move around – depending on play area – and run in fright into a wall. Seriously, that probably won’t happen as Oculus Quest has the Guardian system but you never know.

Check out the video below of Nina talking about Face Your Fears 2 as well as playing the title in a suitably decked out location full of spider webs and such. VRFocus will be reporting from Oculus Connect 5 later today once the second day gets underway, so stay here for more VR news.