Romance Simulation Comes to AR With My Virtual Girlfriend AR

Romance and dating simulation videogames have had their place for quite some time, varying in quality and tastefulness like pretty much any other genre. Some aim to tell a story, others just let players relax and pretend to flirt with fictional characters. The latter is what My Virtual Girlfriend AR is aiming towards, introducing augmented reality (AR) to the dating sim.

My Virtual Girlfriend AR lets players interact with various virtual women, providing the opportunity to chat and flirt with a virtual woman who matches your preferences and interests. Each simulated women has a unique personality and appearance, giving players the chance to learn more about her as the virtual date progresses.

Interacting with the virtual girlfriend involves using a series of emotes. Players can join their date in a game of mini-golf, or go to the movies together. If players manage to make their virtual data happy and comfortable, she might share some jokes with you, and even let you touch her – as long as you are respectful. You can go shopping and buy your date a gift, like a cosplay outfit or bikini and if she likes it she might model it for you.

Choices in My Virtual Girlfriend AR have rewards or consequences, which can result in strengthening your bond or pushing you apart. Make your date too unhappy and its game over, but if you manage to keep her happy, new activities will unlock, like going on a dinner date.

The developers at WET Productions say there are over 35 levels, and players who manage to make their way through all of them and navigate the ups and down of a virtual relationship will be rewarded with the coveted ‘LOVE’ status.

My Virtual Girlfriend AR is available from the Apple App Store, priced at $2.99 (USD) and a trailer can be viewed below. For future coverage of new and upcoming AR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.