Report Suggests AR and VR Will Be Mainstream Within 3 Years

Though immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has become much more popular in the past few years, and become part of a number of industries, it is still some distance away from being considered mainstream. A report from Capgemini suggests this could change sooner than many might think.

A report by Capgemini Research Institute has shown that enterprises are using AR and VR technologies to enhance business operations, with 82% of companies using AR and VR say the benefits are meeting or exceeding expectations.

The report was compiled from a survey of over 700 executives in the automotive, manufacturing and utilities sectors who had knowledge of their sector’s immersive technology programs. The report found that 50% of enterprises not currently using AR or VR were planning to begin exploring the technology within three years.

According to the report, organisations find AR more difficult to properly implement, but ultimately more beneficial than VR. Examples cited include Porsche using AR smartglasses to show step-by-step instructions or schematic drawings to workers, resulting in streamlined workflows and increased efficiency.

The report found that VR can have a strong impact on safety and managing complex tasks, thereby boosting productivity. The report highlights Airbus using VR to integrate 3D mock-ups into productions environments, allowing assembly workers to see the complete model of the aircraft. This was said to reduce time required to inspect from three weeks down to three days.

“Immersive technology has come a long way in a short time and will continue to evolve. Faced with stiff competition from aggressive investors in the U.S. and China, businesses need to streamline investment to seize the long-term growth potential this technology offers,” said Lanny Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini. “To drive the highest business value from AR and VR, companies need a centralized governance structure, proofs of concept that are aligned with business strategy, and to be able to drive innovation and employee change management.”

A copy of the report can be found at the Capgemini website. For future coverage of research and development in the VR/AR sector, keep checking back with VRFocus.