Pansar Augmented Watch Takes To Kickstarter, Launches AR Showroom App

Pansar have revealed their latest product in the form of an analog watch that is able to adapt to the wearers lifestyle and provide meaningful data directly to watch. Dubbed the Pansar Augmented Watch, the three models leverage a range of technology to offer the best of both the digital and the analog world alongside using augmented reality (AR) to offer a virtual showroom experience.

Pansar Augmented Watch

Currently on Kickstarter, the Pansar Augmented Watch has been in development since 2017 when Pansar Sweden, an established watchmaker teamed up with award-winning innovation agency The Techno Creatives to build something truly special. By looking to break out of the current norms of fitness features or step counters and create a product that enables users to have easy access to important date while maintaining the high standard and uniqueness of an analog watch.

Beyond the timeless design made from 42mm, stainless steel and featuring Italian leather straps with a specifically designed inner workings. The watches feature a suite technology features that ensure it not only handles data streaming effectively but does so while allowing for reliable power management. All while honouring the Swedish manufacturing heritage and design that has led to many classics.

Users will be able to link the Pansar Augmented Watch to their mobile device via an app available for both iOS and Android to select which data they want to access via the watch. When then tapping the middle button of watch it enters data mode to showcase the select data thanks to a Bluetooth connection with the users mobile device. This includes information such as stocks, number of follows gain on social media since yesterday, the weather, height of waves and so much more.

Pansar AR Showroom

Currently on Kickstarter, the company are offering three versions for now that each offer a different design and feature set. The Ocean Edition is designed for those looking to catch a wave, the Accelerator Edition is ideal for those managing social media numbers and the Quantifier Edition is a stock brokers new best friend. To get one of these watches you’ll need to back with a pledge a minimum of $595 (USD) / £460 (GBP) which is the early bird price. The pledge for a standard backing is $665 / £515 with other options available for those looking to also gain multiple watches or extras.

To help backers get an idea of how the Pansar Augmented Watch might look on their wrist, the company have released an AR showroom app which is the ideal way to visualize your new purchase. This can be downloaded on both iOS and Android and is worth checking out before making a pledge. You can see a short video for the showroom app below.

At the time of writing the Kickstarter has already passes its funding goal of £18,453 and is sitting at around £25,190 with 21 days still left in the campaign. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the further developments of the Pansar Augmented Watch along with other AR ventures from the company, so stay tuned for more.