Oculus Connect 5 Will Be Livestreaming Via Oculus Venues

In May this year, Oculus announced it was bringing in a new feature for users of Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR virtual reality (VR) headsets called Oculus Venues. The app allows users to watch live events from a great viewpoint, letting users experience the event as if they were really present. For those who are interested in Oculus Connect 5, but who can’t be present, Oculus are delivering a VR livestream of the event to Oculus Venues.

This year’s Oculus Connect marks the fifth year of the conference. By using Oculus Venues, users will be able to tune in to the announcements, keynotes and e-sports events as though they were present in the hall thanks to a partnership with Supersphere.

Oculus Venues is a social app as well as a livestream app, so users will be able to chat will fellow fans and commentate on events as they unfold. The livestream will begin at 10am PT on 26th September, when the Oculus Connect 5 first keynote speech will begin.

Later on, viewers will be able to watch the e-sports action of the VR League’s Onward Grand Finals, from 6pm-10pm PT. The next day, Oculus CTO John Carmack will be on stage to deliver and unscripted keynote. Finally, at 12pm-4pm PT will be more e-sports with Echo Arena.

“We’ve streamed a fair number of different types of live events in Venues, like concerts, comedy nights, and sports, but OC5 brings us both live keynotes and esports, which are new for us,” says Oculus Product Manager and London Site Lead Mike LeBeau. “Each new event creates new challenges and learning opportunities for us, as we try to capture the right vibe, get the right framing and viewpoints, and really convey the ambience of the real-world event in Venues.”

“For the keynotes, we’ll focus on switching live 180° cameras on the speakers, along with graphics integration,” explains Supersphere Founder and Executive Producer Lucas Wilson. “The esports tournaments will blend live cameras and multiple gaming inputs. We’ll also debut brand-new technology that creates immersive outputs from the game engines themselves, for a true 180°/360° observer view of the gameplay. This is the first time that viewers will be inside this rich, more immersive look at gameplay. We worked closely with the talented teams at Facebook, Oculus, and ESL to build a complete set of immersive environments that fans will love.”

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