New Video Showcases Gravity Sketch 1.5 Features

Earlier this week Gravity Sketch announced their latest update which brought with it a ton of new features and saw the software move up to version 1.5. Now, to help showcase the new feature and encourage more artists to use the software the team have released a video that gives a detailed look at how each of the new features works within the update all while showcasing the power of Gravity Sketch.

Gravity Sketch

Some of the new features that were added in update 1.5 including a new Taper mode, given users the ability to draw any length of stroke and always have tapered ends. The option to Draw with Normals which sees non-rounded brush strokes better match the rotation of the controller along with the freedom to now Edit Normals of strokes as well. Additionally a number of new Export Options and a depth-of-field effect were added in the update as well. These are all shown in the video below but there are also plenty of others which further improve the user experience and workflow as well.

Some of these features, which are shown in the below video, including the option to group and un-group objects, a new Bridge Curves mode for closing gaps between strokes, a volume tool, Superellipsoid, sketch material access and an orthographic viewport as well for Pro or Studio owners. On top of that improvements were made to the screenshot camera, reference images, keyboard functionality, redesigned icons and buttons for better readability, performance improvements across the whole product and plenty of bug fixes to keep users happy.

Gravity Sketch is committed to disrupting and reimagining current design workflows to enable creatives to fully express their ideas in real-time”, said Gravity Sketch CEO, Seyi Sosanya. “Putting the users at the centre of our development has allowed us to continue creating a software that is not only applicable to those from technical and digital backgrounds, but is also created in a way that it can touch creatives in all walks of life regardless of their creative prowess, and also bringing back an element of fun into the creative process. Our latest developments really encapsulate our communities’ feedback and we can’t wait to see what they can create with it.”

Gravity Sketch is available now on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. More information on the new update can be found on the store page and in the below video which demonstrates each of the features in action.

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