New Update For Lightstream Racer Brings Multiplayer AR To iOS 12

Developer Virtual Arts have announced a new update for their popular augmented reality (AR) mobile racing title Lightstream Racer that brings multiplayer to the title. Thanks to the power of iOS 12 and ARKit 2, players will now be able to enjoy multiplayer racers against other players in real-time while still enjoying the immersive power of AR.

Lightstream Racer Multiplayer

Released early this year, the mobile title uses a mobile device’s camera to scan the environment around the user and then place a unique rack track within virtual space. This futuristic racing track comes complete with all manner of stuns and tight turns that will see the vehicles needing to manage as they fly round at unbelievably fast speeds. Players will need to be paying close attention to the track and their vehicle if they want to ensure they stay in first place and take home the trophy at the end of it all.

Now, thanks to the new update, players will be able to go up against each-other in intense multiplayer races that will see them battling it out on that AR track. This means it is more important than ever before that players master their driving skills so to keep their vehicle on the track. Know when to speed up and slow down so not to drift off the edge and loss time against the other player. If you can beat the Seeker that is racing around the track then you will win the race and prove you’ll the better driver.

Lightstream Racer Multiplayer

Furthermore, because AR allows players to get fully immersed within the experience players will still be able to move as close as they want to the track and see the action up close and personal. Just make sure to not lose focus on the race because it’s the winner that matters.

Lightstream Racer is available now on the Apple App Store for free on compatible iOS devices with those running iOS 12 able to enjoy the new multiplayer features right away. There is still no word on when or if an Android version might be released but VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the title and the work of Virtual Arts in the future as it becomes available. You can enjoy a short trailer for the new update below as well.