New Update For FragmentVR Adds Persistent Corners

Back in August of this year an application for the HTC Vive called FragmentVR released in Steam Early Access. This virtual reality (VR) application allows users to create small windows to enable them to see outside of the virtual world and into the real-world, creating a mixed reality (MR) experience. Now, a new update has been released for the Early Access application that brings persistent corners into the feature set.


With persistent corners, users will no longer need to create the same window ever time they open up FragmentVR. Once you have created a window that you like you’ll be able to press “Save Corners” in the dashboard menu to save it for later use along with also picking if you want to load the selected window on startup. This means that next time you open FragmentVR you’ll have everything you need ready and waiting for you allowing you to save time and get right into the experience you want quicker than before.

The application works by using a customised SteamVR overlay to allow users to create their windows into the real-world all thanks to leveraging the front camera of the HTC Vive. The use of the application can range from allowing you to see your controller while you immerse yourself in an experience or to allow you to see where you have placed an object, such as a bottle of water, in relation to your location. In fact, FragmentVR’s windows to the real-world can be used for almost any reason and really allow users to explore the options both in and out of VR.

The announcement for the new update also finished with a small tease of what is to come in the next update for FragmentVR. The short message states that multiple views are coming meaning that users can look forward to having more than one window to the real-world open within their VR experiences.

FragmentVR is currently available on Steam Early Access for £4.79 (GBP) and supports the HTC Vive with work ongoing to add in support for the HTC Vive Pro. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the application in the future including further updates so stay tuned for more.