New Oculus Go Title Covert Announced at Oculus Connect 5

Though only just started, the Oculus Connect 5 conference has already had a number of big announcements, namely the reveal of the official version of the standalone ‘Santa Cruz’ headset, now officially renamed the Oculus Quest. However, Oculus have not forgotten about the Oculus Go, as shown when Sean Liu, Oculus Product Manager revealed a new title coming to the Oculus Go from developers White Elk.

White Elk is made up of videogame developer veterans, some of whom worked on God of War. The team have now revealed that its next title will be a virtual reality (VR) spy thriller called Covert.

Covert is a co-operative title in which two players need to work together to pull off a heist. The title features what is being referred to as ‘asymmetrical gameplay’ which means one player will be wearing the VR headset while the other assists with the use of a smartphone.

The gameplay is made possible thanks to the newly introduced ‘Casting’ system, which lets an Oculus Go player synchronise with a mobile device to allow another user to get involved with the VR world, without wearing a VR device.

In Covert, the player is working for the League of Thieves, and has been given a mission to steal a mysterious artefact from inside the vast Capital City Museum. Obviously, security is tight, so players will need to hack past security systems, use special devices to silently break glass and zipline over the top of laser grids in order to gain entry to the vault.

On the mobile device, the other player has access to useful information such as guard locations, laser movements, museum blueprints and more. A successful heist involves close communication and working together.

Covert is set to launch on Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR later this year. For further news from Oculus Connect 5, keep checking back with VRFocus.