Mysterious Unknown Pokémon Appears In Pokémon Go

Those who are familiar with Pokémon’s history and fandom will know that in the early days of titles like Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, many rumours and legends spread through school yards, playgrounds and sometimes university campuses and workplaces about secret, hidden Pokémon, often fuelled by glitches such as the infamous Missing No. glitch. Now it seems that Pokémon Go might have a similar situation on its hands, as a strange, never-before-seen Pokémon has begun to appear.

Even experienced Pokémon fans were baffled when the mysterious new creature began to spawn for Pokémon Go players in the Asia-Pacific region, just after a Pokémon Go community event themes around Chikorita came to an end.

Users in Japan reported that after the community event ended, a strange new Pokémon started to spawn in large numbers. Resembling a while version of a Ditto, but with a hexagonal nut for a head and a single eye in the middle, this Pokémon would display the name ‘???’ and similarly, a Combat Power (CP) of ???

When caught, this creature would transform into a Ditto, which is normally regarded as one of the slightly rarer Pokémon types, usually hiding as one of the common Pokémon before transforming upon being caught.

The incident sparked a great deal of speculation in the Pokémon community. Some speculated that it was some kind of glitch, similar to the ‘Missing No.’ and other glitch Pokémon, while others believe it is a sneak preview of some new Pokémon that are expected to debut in Pokémon: Let’s Go for Nintendo Switch later this year.

According to Polygon, enterprising data miners have identified the Pokedex number of the mysterious creature as 891, which is noted as being very strange, considering that the current highest entry is 807 for Zeraora. The data miners also pointed out that the unknown Pokémon has both a standard and shiny form, which seems unlikely if it is just a glitch.

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