Mysterious New Pokémon Revealed as Meltan

Yesterday VRFocus reported that a strange new Pokémon had begun spawning in Pokémon Go, generating a great deal of speculation as to whether it was a glitch, an early leak or a deliberate promotion. Turns out that those predicting it was a promotion were dead on the money as The Pokémon Company have confirmed that this is indeed the newest Pokémon, named Meltan.

The first reported sightings of Meltan were in Japan just after a community event, where its name and combat power were shown only as ‘???’. Now it has been revealed that not only is Meltan the Hex-nut Pokémon real, it is also a tie-in to the upcoming Pokémon Let’s Go titles.

The official announcement includes a full description of Meltan, which describes the unusual Pokémon as being ‘quite the enigma’. Meltan is a Steel-type Pokémon will a body made mostly of liquid metal. It can absorb metal from outside sources and use electricity as an energy source as well as an attack it can fire from the central eye inside its hex-nut head.

It seems that the purpose of Meltan appearing in Pokémon Go is to tempt Pokémon Go players into buying a Nintendo Switch and a copy of either Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee or Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu, as the indication is that the only way to catch a Meltan in those titles is to transfer it from Pokémon Go to the Switch.

While it was previously indicated that Pokémon Let’s Go would have some sort of connection with Pokémon Go, it still isn’t known exactly how it will work, as so far a transfer system has not yet been announced.

Originally, the Meltans that were caught in Pokémon Go turned into Dittos, though some reports are indicating that they are now transforming back into Meltans, allowing Pokémon fans to examine them in detail.

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