Make Real: Going Back to The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board is a new R&D concept the studio has recently unveiled.

In VRFocus’ developer profile of UK-based virtual reality (VR) studio Make Real we’ve covered the early beginnings of the company, it’s content, current ambitions, and even delved into the near future. Now its time to jump in our DeLorean to look even further forward as Make Real discusses its latest division, The Drawing Board.

Make Real

The Drawing Board is a new internal R&D team which Make Real will be entrusting to come up with new and original IP. Giving VRFocus details into their plans was Pete Newing, Senior Game Designer, discussing the fact that the team will be looking not only at the latest technologies due to arrive in the short term but also much longer term, enabling them to prototype news ideas and concepts, hopefully staying ahead of the curve due to the speed at which the industry tends to move.

Of course its not all about hardware, Make Real are a software company at the end of the day so they’ll be using what they’ve already learnt and expanding upon those core aspects to deliver new and interesting projects for consumers. At present The Drawing Board is still in its infancy, with Make Real still looking to figure out some of the best ways to use its recent investment and support the new division.

Check out Newing’s interview below for more details on The Drawing Board, and don’t forget to check back with VRFocus of more Make Real news.

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