Magic Leap Seeks To Improve Medical Sector In Partnership with Brainlab

As has previously been reported on VRFocus, there are a number of application for virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) in the medical and healthcare sector. One of the more interesting areas involves the use of MR technology for medical imaging. Magic Leap are aiming to become involved in this area by partnering with German medical technology company Brainlab.

The partnership aims to allow surgeons and other clinicians visualise and access medical imaging data. Magic Leap and Brainlab will create an operating system that combines Brainlab’s data management, cloud computing, visualisation and data pre-processing with Magic Leap’s spatial computing and experiential platforms.

The first release will be for planning and simulation of medical procedures in an office setting, so that medical personnel can meet and discuss the interventional procedures. This will then be expanded upon to allow surgeons and other clinicians to combine virtual imaging with the physical environment of an operating room, radiotherapy treatment room, intensive care unit and radiology suite.

Magic Leap said on the official website regarding the partnership: “Advancements made in medical technology are quite possibly the most important advances that affect humans on a global scale. Whether this means new medication that fights rare diseases or a new surgical entry point that helps alleviate pain or downtime, medical professionals can almost unanimously agree that putting patients first is their ultimate priority. By helping patients better see and understand their diagnosis, and allowing doctors to explore details of the human body like never before, we hope to revolutionize how medicine is practiced.”

Magic Leap have recently begun roll-out of its first physical product, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition mixed reality headset, along with its accompanying computer pack. The firm have also secured several partnerships with leading companies and brands, including Sennheiser and European band Sigur Rós.

Magic Leap One Lightwear 2

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