Lucyd Release Prescription Compatible Smart Glasses

Recently the Singapore based Lucyd Pte Ltd released their first product, Lucyd Loud, the world’s first prescription-compatible Bluetooth smart glasses. Loud uses bone conduction technology to deliver clear, open-ear sound to the wearer, and brings the functions of a Bluetooth headset to a normal sunglass form factor among many other features.

Lucyd Loud

The new Lucyd Loud smart glasses are equipped with a microphone, speaker and a trackpad, allowing users to answer and control phone calls, listen to music, and access voice assistants like Siri on iPhone’s all without needing to ever put their smartphone out of their pocket. A number of popular apps such as Whatsapp and Venmo can be accessed via Siri with Lucyd Loud as well which further enhances the hands-free functionality.

“Our mission at Lucyd is simple: we want to upgrade your eyewear. The glasses we wear today have hardly evolved at all in the past 100 years and we want to change that.” comments Lucyd co-founder and media lead Harrison Gross: “Lucyd Loud is our first product towards delivering on this mission, and over the upcoming months, we’ll continue to roll out new features and products that bring glasses into the 21st century.”

Lucyd Loud

Lucyd Loud is the newest addition to the companies recently launched eShop which features the latest technologies and trends in eyewear. This eShop includes a licensed eye doctor available to answer shoppers’ eye care questions for free, and a virtual try-on app which enables users to leverage in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to try on glasses before purchasing them.

The company are currently working on a visual AR smartglass product called Lucyd Lens which is expected to launch in 2019. The Lucyd Loud smart glasses are available for $99 (USD) and include free two-day FedEx shipping in the US with low-cost delivery worldwide available as well.

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