Life In 360°: Vortex of Light Particles

Welcome back to another week of a million stories (okay, not a million, but it’s still a lot) to do with all things immersive reality. Whatsoever they are. As always, we begin the week with our first of three planned trips into the world of 360 degree video.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoFor today’s video we’re going back into the realm of design and architecture, it’s something we looked at a before on Life In 360° a few months ago. Back then we looked at the design of the newly constructed Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens, London.  Then the video came from the team at architecture and design magazine Dezeen’s website and today’s does too. As we take a trip to Helsinki for the opening of a new exhibition by TeamLab – a Japanese art collective – called Massless. All as part of the Amos Rex (formerly Amos Anderson) Art Museum which only opened last month.

Speaking at the time, JKMM Architects partner Asmo Jaaksi commented on the building’s unique design. “Due to planning constraints on the site, the new spaces for the art museum had to be built underground, but the building still needed to be present in an urban context. The architecture of these forms gives the square a new identity.”

Here is one installation, called Vortex of Light Particles, which uses light and sound as well as the subterranean architecture of the museum to create a swirling all-encompassing experience of changing moods. Step inside it with the YouTube video below and also take a look at various parts of the museum too.

There’ll be another 360 degree selection from somewhere around the web this coming Wednesday.