Life In 360°: Reconnecting

Ah, it begins once again. We’ve finally reached that point of the year where we don’t sleep for two days and Oculus tell us all their plans for the next year. All of them. Or at least give us vague indications of what they’re tinkering with.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoOculus Connect is with us once again, is it really the fifth one of these already? Apparently so. Now while I normally shy away from referencing an event with Li360 while it’s on because heaven knows there’ll be enough content for it anyway I thought today we’d do something different. Not only are we going to focus on the events of the past we’re also going to look at a couple of videos that aren’t even in 360 degrees.

What they are however are sessions from the original Oculus Connect in 2014 and 2017’s Oculus Connect 4 that focus on creating 360 degree video so you can see how discussions have changed over the years.  Both these session recordings come from Oculus themselves, incidentally.

Oculus Connect (2014): 360 Degree Filmmaking for VR

“Kamal Sinclair, Chris Milk, Paul Raphaël, and Ikrima Elhassen discuss 360-degree Filmmaking for VR at Oculus Connect.”

Oculus Connect 4 (2017): The Full 360: Creating High-Quality Immersive Videos

“Dive into best practices for 360° content creation. We’ll explore the quality threshold for VR headsets, image stitching and stereoscopic 360, and encoding for Facebook. In addition, we’ll be joined in a fireside chat with Paul Raphael and Ryan Horrigan of Felix & Paul Studios about the making of MIYUBI.”

We’ll be back on Friday with some more 360 degree video. Be sure to check back frequently with VRFocus throughout the next two days for all the latest on Oculus Connect 5.