Learn What to Expect In Upcoming VR Shooter Telefrag

The first-person shooter has been a mainstay of the videogame landscape since the early 90s, growing in both popularity and complexity as technology advanced and players got to grips with how such titles operated. What can FPS fans expect from upcoming virtual reality (VR) FPS Telefrag?

Nina of VRFocus takes a look at a pre-alpha demo of VR multiplayer PvP videogame Telefrag, in order to examine it and see what players can expect from this upcoming release.


Telefrag is an FPS which takes clear influences from some early arena-based multiplayer FPS titles, such as Quake Arena, while bringing its own twist to the experience due to the added dimension and immersion of VR.

Players are equipped with a teleport gun, which not only acts as the main may of moving around, but is also a weapon, as players can teleport into the same location in order to kill each other.

The title gets its name from a fan-created term developed by the Doom community in the 90s, where if someone teleported in, and another player was standing in that exact spot, they would explode messily, and the player who teleported in would be awarded a kill, called a ‘frag’ in Doom terminology.

The developers behind Telefrag, Anshar Studios are planning on adding different types of teleporting, like launching into the air in order to land and delivery area-of-effect damage to all those around you. There are also plans to add various types of shields, and a variety of weapons in addition to the trusty teleport gun.


Anshar Studios are planning on launching a Beta for Telefrag in Q4 of 2018, though the company has not yet confirmed if this will be an open or closed Beta. Telefrag is planned for a full release in Q2 of 2019.

The full video can be viewed below, for further coverage on Telefrag and other upcoming VR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.