KT Corporation’s AR Market Wins Ovum’s Best Innovation Of The Month Award

KT Corporation, Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider have announced that their new augmented reality (AR) mobile shopping experience titled KT’s AR Market, the AR-powered mobile shopping service has been selected for Ovum’s Innovative Service of the Month.

Ovum is an independent analyst and consultancy firm based in London which had reviewed 92 different innovative services launched by service provides around the world in July ahead of announced its selection of AR Market at the end of August.

“The service is an excellent example of how a telco can try to secure competitive advantage in emerging technology by developing an advanced in-house technical capability,” Ovum wrote in a report about its selection of AR Market. “By developing extensive AR capability in-house, KT has put itself in a strong position to become a player not just in South Korea’s AR market, but also in the global AR technology movement.”

KT Corporation and continuing to develop immersive shopping and media services by leveraging next-generation Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), which feature not only AR but also Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-quality 3D models. The company first introduced their AR solutions for mobile shopping during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in February. AR Market gives mobile users an online shopping experience that is more similar to browsing through a physical store then that of an online collection. Users are able to take advantage of full 360-degree AR videos of different products on their devices to see every detail.

The first commercial AR solutions from the company were launched back in July through K Shopping’s mobile app. K Shopping, a frontrunner in South Korea’s T-commerce market, introduced AR Market for lifestyle products, fashion and consumer electronics last month also. NS Home Shopping, the country’s largest home shopping business for groceries, also debuted KT’s AR Market.

It isn’t just in the AR shopping sector that KT Corporation is busy though as recently the company was revealed to be involved in the new room-scale virtual reality (VR) experience featuring World War Toons and Metal Slug. For all the latest on KT Corporation in the future, keep reading VRFocus.