Krikey Launches Multiplayer AR Title

For some time now, iPhone and iPad users have been able to download the Krikey app to enjoy a range of augmented reality (AR) mini-games, such as the recent Shark Week title which was introduced during the Discovery Channel Shark Week with the aim of promotion marine conservation. Now the company are bringing the app to Android users, and are introducing new multiplayer functionality.

Krikey’s creators say that the app is built on AR Foundation, an SDK toolkit which incorporates both Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore to provide advanced AR functionality.


The Krikey app has been available on iOS since February, and now will be launching on the Google Play Store, featuring a brand new multiplayer AR-networked Tennis title. Only fairly recently has AR been able to offer the ability to let multiple users share the same AR instance in order to make true AR multiplayer possible.

The AR Foundation SDK allows Krikey to use ARCore functions such as Camera Translation, Plane Detection and other advanced features which improve the AR experience for users.

Krikey is said to be able to allow users in different real-world locations play together by using virtual machines to connect two users and use the smartphone camera to map the physical space in order to accurately place AR objects. Users then compete to get the highest score.

The app is the creation of two sisters, Jhanvi and Ketaki Shriram who have embarked on a mission to entertain the world using AR technology. Since launch, Krikey have worked with the likes of Conservation International and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream in order to create branded AR content.

Krikey AR Shark game

The app is available for free from the Google Play Store and Apple app Store. Further information can be found on the official company website. The trailer for the app is available to view below.

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