It’s Giant Robot Time in This Zone of The Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS Gameplay

Konami have finally entered the virtual reality (VR) market with the launch of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this week. The remaster of a PlayStation classic sees players jump in the cockpit of a Jehuty for the first time in first-person, and VRFocus has some of our own gameplay footage to entertain you with.

For those unaware of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS story it goes along the lines of: “The year is 2174 and the despotic BAHRAM military organisation is using new Orbital Frames robot technology to secure its grip on Mars and Earth. Seizing control of the JEHUTY Orbital Frame, the player is the last hope for the stricken planets. Strike deep at the heart of the BAHRAM army with unrivalled powers!”

In our gameplay video you can see the action in full swing, the giant mech unleashing salvo’s of rockets destroying the smaller enemies before having to switch to more powerful weaponry for the bigger hostiles. There are plenty of story cinematics thrown in before its time for a boss fight, taking on another similarly powered mech in the skies.

This is where you get to unleash all the firepower of the JEHUTY in a full 360-degree battle, showcasing how well the title holds up in VR.

Zone of the Enders The 2nd Runner-MARS YEBIS image 1

VRFocus reviewed Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS giving it a full five stars, saying: “If you can master the somewhat difficult controls, there is a great deal of enjoyment to be found in Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner – Mars. Fans of the series should buy this immediately, and giant mech fans will also want to add it to their libraries.”

Check out the gameplay video below. Head to PlayStation Store or Steam to purchase the title for £24.99 GBP. For any further VR announcements from Konami, keep reading VRFocus.