In Death is Leaving Early Access Next Month

Having released educational experience Everest VR in 2016 Sólfar Studios made a surprising announcement in 2017, revealing work on a very different title, rogue-like shooter called In Death. Released via Early Access in February, the studio has now confirmed an official launch date, 2nd October 2018 for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

In Death

Having been inspired by classic dungeon crawlers In Death is a harsh first-person shooter (FPS). There are no checkpoints, saves or safe areas, as each procedurally generated run creates a new map with randomized enemies and loot spawn points.

At its core In Death is a pure bow and arrow shooter, with the weapon not only being your main defence but also the movement mechanic. You can quickly switch between normal and teleportation arrows, whilst also having the option to throw teleporting shards when cornered.

Last month saw Sólfar Studios announce a brand-new chapter, Paradise Lost for In Death, adding a new angelic location, enemies and weapon. You’ll encounter fresh angelic and demonic antagonists, culminating in an epic boss fight with Gabriel the Fallen. To help in the endeavour the studio has included an all new Crossbow for close quarters combat.

In Death screenshot

In Death certainly isn’t designed around the casual VR player, with VRFocus remarking in its preview that: “For a title that’s in Early Access In Death already feels like the finished article. Seeing that it looks good and plays smoothly – no bugs or glitches presented themselves – Solfar Studios has already done a commendable job, certainly attracting the interest of the more hardcore Oculus Rift player base.”

There’s only a couple of weeks to go until Solfar Studios release In Death for PC VR headsets, with the price set to increase from $19.99 USD to $29.99 at launch. Of course if you already own the videogame then you’ll receive all of the new content at no additional charge. So it might be worth grabbing the title before 2nd October. Additionally, the studio is currently developing a PlayStation VR version with further details to be announced. When that happens VRFocus will let you know.