Immotion Group Targets Growth & Profit At Home & Abroad With New Leke VR Agreements

While there continues to be something of a debate about the proliferation of virtual reality (VR) arcades and VR’s role as a part of digital out-of-home entertainment (DOE) locations it can’t be denied that many names involved within DOE are continuing to expand their ventures.  It’s something that’s touched on regularly in The Virtual Arena, but even beyond this in recent months we’ve seen new locations announced from the likes of The VOID, VRIGHT, a new spin-off studio from Vertigo Games specifically for DOE VR titles and much more.

Another name that has begun appearing with ever increasing frequency is Immotion (or the Immotion Group). The UK-based DOE group has had a very busy 2018 indeed, capitalising on an initial £1.3 million (GBP) of funding it received at the end of 2017 it has since floated on the London Stock Exchange’s junior market, AIM, which gave it another £5.75 million on top of another £500K it received in investment this April. New partners and venues are being announced seemingly on a monthly basis, including work with Merlin Entertainments’ Lego Discovery Center in Boston earlier this year, a venue in Birmingham in May, one in Yorkshire in August and just last week VRFocus reported on the opening of a fourth UK centre in Cardiff.

However, Immotion Group aren’t focusing solely on the UK seeking to grow its business in America as well as in Asia. To that end they have just announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Leke VR. The Beijing based firm have agreed an extension to the existing UK contract which sees the pair tied up through to December 31st next year. On top of this is a new exclusive distribution agreement for the USA, again contracted until the end of 2019. Immotion Group now will be selling Leke VR’s motion platform hardware in combination with their own experiences across both territories exclusively in addition to other markets while in return Leke VR will be bringing Immotion Group’s library of experiences to its already installed platforms across thirty countries.

“The Group will monetise its content on a ‘per play’ basis”.It explains in a statement. “The current usage on the Leke installed base is approximately 1 million ‘plays’ per month and the Directors expect this to grow strongly.  The parties will now begin a full assessment of the relevant operational matters, with a view to such distribution beginning towards the end of 2018.”


“We are extremely pleased to have extended our exclusive relationship, and to be working much closer with Leke VR. We share the same vision with extremely complementary skills.” Adds CEO of Immotion Group, Martin Higginson. “Leke VR are, in our view, the market leaders in affordable VR motion platforms, whilst we believe Immotion is leading the way in immersive VR experiences. This unique combination, now available globally, will further propel both Immotion and Leke VR in their quest to lead the ‘out of home’ VR market.”

Higginson’s opposite number at Leke VR, Evan He, in turn said: “We are pleased to extend our exclusive distribution and manufacturing agreement with Immotion for both the UK, and now the USA, and to be working with them on the distribution of their VR experiences. The quality of experiences produced by the Immotion team is way above anything we have seen to date. We are convinced our customers will love them. The combination of the Immotion Group’s VR content and our VR motion platforms will allow Leke to deliver an offering which is far superior to other affordable VR experiences available to consumers globally.”

VRFocus will bring you more information about the developments in the DOE arena very soon.