Immersive Music Visualization Space Dream VR Releases Demo

Virtual reality (VR) allows users to become fully immersed within an environment and experiences the beautiful and wonder within. For those looking to immerse themselves within their music then a title called Space Dream VR will be for you. This music visualization experience is designed to surround users with stunning works of art in a celestial world that pulses with life in time with the music. Now, a demo has been made available for users to download and try out the application for themselves.

Space Dream VR

As the title is primarily an exploration videogame that abandons traditional gameplay in favor of a purely aesthetic experience, each environment has been carefully crafted to offer the maximum enjoyment and visual excitement. Explore alien planets full of exotic plant life and creatures, or swim from the shallows down to the depths of the abyss all while seeing your music brought to life within the world. Some of the levels are kilometers across meaning it could even take a user quite a while to discover everything meaning there is plenty of content to keep you busy.

Of course, all of this is a means to enjoy your music which can be done by playing it through another application on your PC or via the in-game VR Browser. Space Dream VR will automatically visualize any sound playing on your computer, making it super easy to set up. Furthermore for those who want a break from VR, the title even supports a standard desktop mode where you can explore the colourful worlds with just your keyboard and mouse.

Space Dream VR

To help make the exploration more user friendly, Space Dream VR features both teleportation and free-fly locomotion options. This means that users will be able to tailor the experience to ensure they don’t feel any motion sickness and can enjoy the title to its fullest. There is even the option to enjoy a roller-coaster mode in which you can sit back and relax as you are taking around the cosmos in your own personal roller-coaster.

The demo of Space Dream VR is available to download now from Viveport for free and gives users a chance to see what the title is all about. You can see a short trailer for the demo below and for more on Space Dream VR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.