Here Are Some Of The VR Games Attending EGX 2018

Later this month videogame developers, publishers and players will get meeting in Birmingham for EGX 2018. Being one of the biggest gaming events to take place throughout the year in the UK, it is a fantastic chance for people to get hands-on with countless number of videogames. Among the large list of AAA releases sit a number of virtual reality (VR) titles that are inviting players to immerse themselves in a range of different experiences, which are definitely worth checking out.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission - Screenshot (E3 2018)

Starting things off with a bang, PlayStation are bringing a number of different PlayStation VR titles to the show including the upcoming Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Blood & Truth and the ever popular Wipeout Omega Collection with it’s VR mode. These titles all offer a different and unique experience and showcase just what the PlayStation VR headset is capable of doing. Other PlayStation VR titles on display at the show are the much anticipated Tetris Effect from legendary videogame developer behind REZ Infinite, Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

The list doesn’t end there. Maybe you want to experience some fast paced action at the show. If that is the case then Skyfront VR will be for you. Offering intense multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) fun, players will be flying through zero-gravity battle arenas as they fight for the best score. Speaking of zero-gravity, the roguelike space shooter Everspace with it’s VR support will also be attending the show. Likewise Sublevel Zero Redux and its six-degrees-of-freedom will also be in attendance.

Beat Saber Arcade Machine - Screenshot

Other experiences that players will be able to immerse themselves in at the show include They Suspect Nothing. In which players need to blend in as a robot and complete a series of mini-games. Arca’s Path VR will be there as well with it’s charming visual design and captivating gameplay from developers Dream Reality Interactive and Rebellion. There is even a chance to check out Titanic VR in which players will explore the famous ship and learn more about the events that unfolded. Finally, the ever popular Beat Saber will also be at EGX 2018 giving those at the show a chance to let lose and enjoy some rhythm gameplay.

EGX 2018 will be taking place at The NEC in Birmingham from 20th to 23rd September, 2018. Tickets are still available for those who need one and can be purchased from the event website and you can see the full list of games playable here. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the VR happenings of the event so stay tuned for more.