Golden Joystick Awards Nominations Sees Some VR and AR Titles Make the Cut

The Golden Joystick Awards are one of the longest running computer and videogame awards, the second oldest after the venerable Arcade Awards, having been running since 1983. As the technology around videogames has changed, now categories have been created, such as the ‘Best VR Game’ category, but this year virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) titles have sneaked out into other categories as well.

The Golden Joystick Awards can be voted on by anyone by using the online portal, and over nine million votes have been recorded in previous years.

This year’s entries into the Best VR Game includes several titles that have received extremely positive reception from the VRFocus team, and the organisers of the Golden Joysticks Awards have noted that as the VR scene grows and develops, the quality of entries in this category keeps improving.

The shortlisted titles for 2018 Best VR Game are:

Some VR titles have also appeared in other categories, a testament to how VR has come in is aim of reaching mainstream success. For example, in the PlayStation Games of the Year category, Moss, Firewall Zero Hour and The Persistence are all present.

Meanwhile, the Most Wanted category sees surreal VR experience Dreams make an entry, the AR version of GNOG appears in the Mobile Games of the Year category, while the Still Playing category for titles which are still making a mark long after release sees Pokemon Go and World of Tanks make an appearance.

Pokémon GO Celebi

For further information, and the chance to vote for your favourite, you can visit the GamesRadar Golden Joystick Awards pages. For future coverage of award-winning VR, keep checking back with VRFocus.