Funomena To Bring Fairy Tale Luna: Moondust Garden to Magic Leap One

Having created beautiful fairy tale experience Luna for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and most recently PlayStation VR, developer Funomena has today revealed a new project based on the virtual reality (VR) title, Luna: Moondust Garden.

Luna: Moondust Garden isn’t a VR experience however, with Funomena developing it exclusively for the Magic Leap One Creators Edition.

Designed as a playful extension of the original Luna: Moondust Garden brings a new story from Bird and Owl’s charming forest, with players able to explore the storybook world from a new mixed reality (MR). Using Magic Leap’s technology users can plant and tend a variety of plants, flowers, trees and islands within their physical space, sprinkling moondust on the plants and flowers to help them grow and transform.

Hidden throughout the forest, moondust needs to be discovered and collected, helping to build a beautiful garden so that the sad Fox will cheer up, come out and play.

Luna screenshot 2

To help developers working on Magic Leap One content Robin Hunicke, co-founder and CEO of Funomena and designer of Luna, will be at Magic Leap’s L.E.A.P. conference on 10th October to talk more about Luna: Moondust Garden, its design and development process , and how the team applied their original idea with Magic Leap’s spatial computing. During the session she will touch on the creative inspiration, design and best practices for developing experiences for emerging platforms such as AR and MR.

Luna has won numerous awards across the globe, including ones from Brazil’s Independent Game Festival, The Taipei Game Show, VRCORE Award in China, and the Windows Developer Award for Game Creator of the Year. VRFocus’ review found that it was an: ‘unusual marriage of interactivity and storytelling’ and ‘perfect for those who’ve got kids old enough to try VR and want to see what it’s all about.’

Luna: Moondust Garden will come to the Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset this fall. How many will actually get to play the experience on the expensive headset is another matter. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.