Fieldbit and InfinityAR Announce Partnership for AR Smart Glasses

Augmented reality (AR) smart glasses have seen a boost in popularity over the past couple of years as businesses seek to take advantage of the capabilities to improve safety and efficiency in areas such as quality control, stock checking, remote support and maintenance. Two companies, Fieldbit and InfinityAR are combining their talents to become involved in this area.

Fieldbit is known as a developer of real-time AR collaboration solutions, while InfinityAR has previously created an advanced software engine for AR glasses. The two companies have now announced a strategic alliance for research and development.

InfinityAR and Fieldbit will be jointly developing an integrated solution for field service organisations which will combine InfinityAR’s SLAM AR software engine with Fieldbit’s enterprise platform for remote assistance.

“Collaborating with both Fieldbit and AR glasses vendors helps us bring an excellent solution to an immediate market need,” said Motti Kushnir, CEO of InfinityAR. “AR glasses offer a clear competitive edge over other remote assistance solutions. The integrated solution, leveraging our advanced SLAM and Augmented Reality engine with Fieldbit’s solution allows field technicians to work hands-free and interact with digital content in the most realistic way through sophisticated scene awareness.”

Currently field technicians often rely on smartphones to view information. The transparent optical AR displays proposed by the joint venture will allow field service organisations to offer their personnel a hands-free method of viewing technical information.

“Our strategic alliance with InfinityAR allows us to offer a best-of-breed AR collaboration solution which is highly tuned to the needs of field services organizations,” said Evyatar Meiron, CEO of Fieldbit. “Our integrated solution for optical see-through smart glasses will allow industrial users to maximize all the benefits that AR has to offer. In addition, based on our practical field service knowledge, we plan to work with InfinityAR in helping smart glasses manufacturers and ODMs adapt their hardware design to the ergonomic and safety requirements of industrial users.”

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