Escape From A Secret Room In Key Of Impasse Where Each Play Session Is Different

If there is one type of entertainment that works well within virtual reality (VR) it is that of the room-escape genre. These are titles in which players find themselves within an usually location and must escape by any means, usually by solving puzzles and completing challenges. A new title by the name of Key Of Impasse is the latest in numerous releases within the genre and invites players to escape a secret room that is full of plenty to uncover.

Key Of Impasse

Developed and published by Vanl, a one person team, the title will test players ability to solve problems and uncover the clues and steps needed to get out of the locked room. With a focus on realistic environments that offer a true sense of immersion, players will feel as though they are actually in the room trying to escape. Though with only a 30 minute time limit to escape the room players will need to think fast and act even faster to make it out in time.

What is interesting about Key Of Impasse is that the title features more to do then the time limit allows. This means players are encouraged to revisit the experience multiple times and have a different journey each time. To help keep the experience fresh there is a random password function which means that the codes and placement of items in the room are different every time a player enters the title. This also means that a walk through might not be any help for those that like to use that sort of things.

Key Of Impasse

Key Of Impasse is designed for the HTC Vive and room-scale but has options to allow players to adjust the size of the room and if they want to play the experience standing or sitting. As for the controls, players will need to use the HTC Vive motion controls in order to play and are able to pick up, use and interact with objects along with being able to move around a small amount using the touch pad.

Available now on Steam, Key Of Impasse is on sale for £5.19 (GBP) with a launch promotion of 20% making it only £4.15 until the 12th September, 2018.

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