Enjoy Some Ambient Solitude When Separation Comes to PlayStation VR in 2019

Prefer a more casual edge to your virtual reality (VR) videogames rather than running round corridors killing monsters? Indie studio Recluse Industries is working on an experience for you, a casual free-roaming exploration title called Separation, due for release in Q1 2019.


Separation is the brain child of Recluse Industries’ Martin Wheeler, who has been working on the title by himself for the last three years. If the screenshots are anything to go by Separation is due to feature some stunning visuals for players to explore at their leisure. The individual areas look suitably massive with a range of architechtural styles, from sci-fi to ancient civilisations.

Wheeler hasn’t yet stated any gameplay mechanics to do with the exploration, simply stating in an email to VRFocus that the single-player experience: ‘is all about giving players some solitude and space away from today’s constantly connected world.’

Clocking in at around two hours of gameplay, Separation sounds like its going to be a very tranquil videogame for players to relax in. Able to wander around what Wheeler calls ‘distressed lo-poly’ visuals whilst listening to an ambient electronic soundtrack.


What will be Recluse Industries first, fully fledged VR title, development has almost reached the beta stage where Wheeler can begin fully testing the experience with the aim to launch it for PlayStation VR first, in Q1 2019. An Oculus Rift version is planned for shortly after.

You’ll be able to find several more images on the studio’s Twitter feed. As development continues, VRFocus will bring you the latest updates on Separation, including a more accurate released date.