Echo Combat Launches Party Patch and Fourth Beta Weekend

Ready at Dawn’s Lone Echo franchise has solidified its standing among virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts not only thanks to the single-player experience but its multiplayer offering Echo Arena and Echo Combat. The latter is still in development so for this weekend the studio is running its fourth bate whilst adding new features and improvements.

Echo Combat

Called the Echo Combat Party patch (Patch 14.0) the main addition which will interest players is the fact that parties can now be formed in Echo Combat, enabling them to group together as friends.

Ready at Dawn has now changed the Arc Mine balance, so it will now constantly search for enemies within its detection radius. Once detected it’ll emit a warning sound as it begins to activate, giving skill players a short time frame to find and destroy enemy Arc Mines.

Other additions include the Barrier Tac-Mod being altered to last for 15 seconds instead of 25 seconds, the spawn point timer at the 1st checkpoint has been increased by 2 seconds for Defenders, 2D Spectator changes, and the Fission Map has been improved to help the Attacking team push the Payload out of its initial room.

Echo Combat

That’s a very brief rundown of Echo Combat’s latest additions, there are plenty more. For the full list check out Ready at Dawn’s blog posting for all the details.

Echo Combat differs from Echo Arena in the fact it features one central objective, a giant pink flamingo payload that defenders need to get to a goal whilst attackers need to stop that happening.

If you haven’t already download the Echo Combat beta by searching for Echo VR on the Oculus Store. The beta is already live  and available through to Sunday 9th September at 9:00 AM PDT / 16:00 UTC.