Developer Tribetoy Announce Content Update for Bow to Blood

When it comes to a videogame lasting beyond its initial ‘play through to completion’ stage after release, one of the major influencing factors is the development of a large and active community surrounding the title. Tribetoy are trying to encourage just such a community in Bow to Blood with the introduction of its upcoming content update.

Bow to Blood is an unusual take on the arena shooter, in that it involves taking control of a flying galleon that uses cannons and other incongruously futuristic weaponry to take out opposing ships. The development team are planning on offering new content with the update as well as the expected bug fixes and tweaks.

Bow To Blood - Screenshot

The biggest feature to be included in the new update is the ‘Community Events’. Though few details are currently available on what exactly these events will consist of, Tribetoy says that the new update will include a clue directed at the community.

By following the hidden clues within the title, players have a chance of finding the ‘hidden treasure’ which will allow one lucky player to work with the developers at Tribetoy and put their own personal mark on Bow to Blood.

In addition to the community events, more voice overs will be added to the title for the crew of your ship to make for a more immersive experience.

Bow to Blood got high marks when it was reviewed by VRFocus, saying: “Bow to Blood is a fine, fun title with some minor niggles. The combat is good, though somewhat tricky to get used to, but the alliance system offers something interesting and unique that elevates the title to a higher level.”

Bow To Blood - Screenshot

A release date for the content update has yet to be confirmed. VRFocus will be sure to keep you informed on any further news concerning Bow to Blood or other VR projects.