Defector’s Going to India in This new OC5 Gameplay Trailer

Having released the rather creepy horror experience Wilson’s Heart for Oculus Rift in 2017, developer Twisted Pixel in conjunction with Oculus Studios set its sight on a completely different adventure, one involving spy’s, guns and action,  Defector. After the first details were released earlier this year involving an epic mid-air plane sequence, Twisted Pixel now takes you to India with a new gameplay video from Oculus Connect 5 (OC5).


The first trailer may have been attention grabbing with cars flying into planes and so on, but this new India level is equally impressive, showcasing more guns, new equipment, leaps between buildings and even a little gambling.

Set in a far richer and more dynamic looking environment of a big Indian city, you’ll be able to wager on several different games from dice to cards. That’s only the start on it, with some flashy looking tech attached to your forearms which seem to control fighters in a ring. Then there’s the weaponry, from a gun that quite literally looks electrifying to gauntlets that give you superhuman abilities – catching rockets with your hands or punching enemies into the sunset.

From these trailers Defector certainly looks like it’ll feature plenty of set pieces, making use of the Oculus Rift and Touch hardware for maximum immersive effect. How much freedom Twisted Pixel will give you is another matter.


Explaining the India mission in more detail the developer comments: “Your next mission leads you to India to infiltrate a mysterious fighting tournament and meet the mastermind behind the operation. You must raise the stakes to gain knowledge and influence those who may assist you before choosing your path: chase a defected rogue agent through the city and across rooftops before he makes his escape, or pursue a dangerous criminal and outwit his armed forces with advanced weaponry.”

Originally, Twisted Pixel had stated at late 2018 release for Defector. That’s no longer the case with a 2019 now listed, continuing to add to what could be a very interesting year for Oculus Rift owners with the likes of Stormland also due next year.

Check out the new India trailer for Defector below. As VRFocus is at Oculus Connect 5 for both days keep an eye out for our hands-on impressions from the event, bringing you the latest Oculus Rift news and updates.