Customise & Configure Your Manufacturing Purchases In AR With Atlatl Software’s Config2AR

When it comes to the augmented reality (AR) software and applications the majority that we see and report about on VRFocus tend to fall expressly into two categories:

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First there are the retail apps, applications that show you a preview of what it would be like to live with a purchase, usually a piece of furniture, such as found with apps from the likes of EyeKandy, Curate and Configura. The other is of course the GO style location tracking videogame, made popular by Niantic Labs’ Pokémon GO and a much cloned formula.

Atlatl Software’s latest release falls very much into the category of the former. Except that the product being customised and demonstrated via AR isn’t furniture but more complicated manufacturing tools. The new product, Config2AR, allows users to preview their product designs to save time and money.

Config2AR is powerful because it allows sales teams utilizing Atlatl VCPQ to share the end configuration in a 3D view with anyone. Now a customer can work with their sales rep to configure a product on one coast, and instantly enable a colleague on the other coast to view the proposed configuration in real space. This creates an ability for collaborative feedback ensuring accuracy and satisfaction for the purchase.” Explains CEO of Atlatl Software, Marc Murphy,

Atlatl Software Config2AR“Manufacturing sales teams can now offer more than just a BOM (Bill-of-Materials) as our tool creates Sales Approval Drawings as well. What really sets this experience apart is the new ability to add an QR code to their proposals, allowing anyone to see the configured product in 3D augmented reality on their own device, to scale in a real world environment. This creates a shared experience and a chance for collaboration during the quoting process for anyone from an engineer to the CEO.” Adds Jennifer Letourneau, Director of Product at Atlatl Software.

The free app is available now to download on the iTunes store for all Atlatl customers. You can find out more here.