Courses in VR and AR Will Now Be Available Thanks to Amazon Sumerian Partnership

Last year Amazon announced a new feature for its Amazon Web Services called Amazon Sumerian, a platform that would allow anyone to create full-featured virtual reality experiences. The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have now announced that it will be offering short courses in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and VR thanks to a partnership with Amazon Web Services.

The new partnership between RMIT and Amazon Web Services was announced at the AWS Public Sector Summit and Canberra, Australia on Wednesday. The new courses will be using the Amazon Sumerian platform.

The newly launched courses includes Developing AI Strategy, Developing AR and VR Strategy and Developing AR and VR Applications. All of these have been adapted from the AWS Educate program, which was created to react to the changing nature of the workplace, and how immersive technology is increasingly relevant.

RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness believes the courses will allow individuals and companies to address skills gaps in AI and AR/VR areas, saying: “What we see in all of our industry conversations … everyone is saying the thing that will hold us back is a skills shortage,” she said the event announcement event, “My team’s mission is to build a community of lifelong learners, successfully navigating the world of work … yes, sometimes your degree is the right solution education wise for a person, but throughout our lives, certainly I know in my digital career, constantly we need to be updating our skills and understand the new, emerging technology and talk with experts.”

RMIT is also testing use of AR and VR to enhance the student experience by using an AI Digital Assistant and the institution is said to be ‘very conscious’ that VR and AR are heading towards mainstream success.

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