Coming to PlayStation VR This Week: Creed, Dark Eclipse & The Grand Museum VR

Last week saw quite the selection of virtual reality (VR) videogames come to PlayStation VR, with the likes of Ubisoft’s  Transferencedark puzzle experience Blind and Downward Spiral: Horus Station all making their mark. This week isn’t quite as bountiful but there are still some worthwhile titles to be had.

Creed: Rise to Glory

The big launch this week is actually a multiplatform experience, Creed: Rise to Glory by Sprint Vector developer Survios. This is one VRFocus has been looking forward to, as it may just offer the best boxing mechanics yet in a VR title. You’ll play as young startup Adonis Creed, looking to make his way up the ranks and become a champion in his own right. To this end you’ll be able to train and build up your skills in a story-driven Career mode, training in iconic gyms and fighting some tough combatants.

Alongside the single-player career players will also be able to go head-to-head in a cross-platform PvP mode, showcasing their VR boxing talents to the world. And there’s an appearance by the great Rocky Balboa.

For those after a VR fighting experience that’s a lot less energetic then there’s always Dark Eclipse. This is classic  multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) fighting, where players command a team of three leaders – chosen from a roster of 15 available characters – each with their own unique characteristics and abilities. Gameplay will involve a drag-and-drop control system which combines real-time strategy (RTS) mechanics with the action of a MOBA.

Dark Eclipse screenshot

Lastly, for a far more casual and educational experience there’s The Grand Museum VR. Having previously launched on Steam over the summer this virtual museum environment contains 82 models of real-world ancient works of art, originating from many ancient cultures of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. The app allows users to investigate the archives and discover the history of the art pieces.

Should any other VR videogames make an appearance this week, VRFocus will let you know.