Cemtrex Announces New VR Title called Quazar

VR ping-pong experience will integrate with Cemtrex SmartDesk gesture control system.

Though primarily known as a technology and manufacturing company, Cemtrex do maintain an in-house team called Cemtrex VR which has previously produced virtual reality (VR) titles such as Ultra85 and Star Force. The team have now revealed their latest VR effort, a futuristic table tennis title called Quazar.

The title was developed entirely in-house at Cemtrex and has been created with the Oculus Go and its 3DoF controller in mind. Players of Quazar will be transported to an intergalactic void to test their reflexes.

For users who have Cemtrex’s flagship smart device, the SmartDesk, some exclusive features are available, as the title can be played using the SmartDesk built-in gesture control system, as demonstrated in the video which can be viewed below.

“We’re pleased with how Quazar has turned out, it’s a great example of how Cemtrex is exploring design, development, and applications for truly unique virtual reality experiences,” said Cemtrex’s CEO and Chairman, Saagar Govil. “We’ve found ourselves in a perfect storm, with the rise of standalone headsets and the VR gaming industry brimming with opportunities, Cemtrex can push the boundaries of software development and apply what we discover through gaming to other VR markets.”

The company has previously re-affirmed its commitment to VR when Cemtrex revealed it was working on a VR adaptation of the Star Force book series, with Govil saying: “We see an enormous opportunity over the long term to bring both fiction and non-fiction to virtual reality for truly unique immersive experiences.”

The Cemtrex VR team say they are planning on continuing to work on Star Force and Ultra85 in addition to further optimising Quasar for the best experience, with a multiplayer mode planned for release later on in 2018.


Quazar can now be found in the Oculus Store, priced at £0.79 (GBP). For future coverage of Cemtrex’s VR work, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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