Blockchain VR Videogame CryptoCarz Partners With WAX And OPSkins Marketplace

CryptoCarz, the debut multiplayer virtual reality (VR) project from Blockchain Studios and Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) have announced that the company’s in-game items will be tradeable on WAX ExpressTrade and available for purchase on OPSKins using WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, ETH, US dollars, Euros and plenty of other currencies. This means that players will be able to purchase CryptoCarz virtual assets – such as cars and car components – on OPSkins and then trade them through WAX ExpressTrade.

“Working with WAX is a critical pathway for CryptoCarz, and will help take our racing vision to over 400 million potential users,” said Daniele Sileri, CEO of Blockchain Studios. “We share the belief in the power of blockchain technology applied to digital gaming items. The aim of our collaboration is to enable the interoperability of items between different platforms, providing new possibilities for gamers everywhere.”

Players will be able to buy, trade and resell items through the market place thanks to this new partnership. This also means that special edition items that are discovered via loot creates, which can be opened using WAX keys, will also be linked to this new cryptocurrency system. This also means that items predeceased or traded outside of CryptoCarz will have the potential to be used within the videogame which is an exciting step for the team to increase the flexibility of VR gaming experiences and items.


“The inception of blockchain-based games and collectibles presents a new opportunity for the crypto community to get involved, and game developers are taking notice,” said William Quigley, CEO of OPSkins and WAX. “As the popularity of blockchain games and Crypto Collectibles™ grows, so does the need for a trustworthy marketplace, which is where WAX and OPSkins come in. Integrating CryptoCarz to that ecosystem is an exciting move for us and for the blockchain-based gaming community as a whole.”

Blockchain Studios are focusing on solving content and creative challenges using blockchain and VR. With their work in CryptoCarz, the team are looking to build a truly immersive experience that will be ideal for fans of cryptocurrency and racing videogames. Being able to build the ultimate ride, show it off to your friends and then race to show it is the best car around is a formula that is sure to keep many entertained. More information about the title can be found at the official CryptoCarz website.

You can see a short video below that marks the announcement and for more coverage on cryptocurrency, blockcahin and all things VR, keep reading VRFocus to stay up to date.