Beat Saber’s Multiplayer 85% Complete, to Arrive After PlayStation VR Launch

Beat Saber has become quite the phenomenon since its launch earlier this year for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Having caught the imaginations of gamers the world over with its simple yet addictive rhythm-based gameplay, a big modding community has formed while Beat Games readies further updates for this Early Access title. The studio has recently revealed how development is progressing, both for its multiplayer as well as support for PlayStation VR.

Beat Saber Arcade Machine - Screenshot

In a series of tweets via the official Beat Saber Twitter account the team have stated that work on the multiplayer portion is currently 85 percent complete. But work on both this and other features including tournament client, avatar support and custom levels implementation are being put on hold for the time being whilst they focus attention on finishing the PlayStation VR version.

This is understandable as Beat Games will likely see great success on Sony’s headset, with a decent return on investment thanks to the three million plus owners out there.

Once the PlayStation VR launch has taken place – there’s still no concrete timeframe on when this will happen – the studio will then refocus its attention on multiplayer which couldn’t be achieved fairly quickly. A couple of months ago VRFocus  reported on Beat Games’ CEO Jaroslav Beck stating that PlayStation VR would be getting unique features for the system without going into further details which is probably one of the reasons development isn’t being rushed.

Beat Saber Screenshot

If you’ve managed to miss all the coverage on Beat Saber then check out VRFocus’ preview in which we said: “Beat Saber works excellently at everything it sets out to do. It can easily eat vast amounts of your time without you even realising it as you fight to get a perfect score. The gameplay is extremely satisfying while still being very simple and is the sort of thing that would serve as a great introduction to VR.”

It’s not just the consumer version of Beat Saber the studio has been working on. This summer also saw the initial rollout of the Beat Saber Arcade in cities across South Korea and China thanks to a partnership between Beat Games and Skonec Entertainment. As further details on the PlayStation VR launch surface VRFocus will bring you the latest details.