Aya Healthcare Partners With Health Scholars For New VR And Simulated Learning Resources

The company aiming to transform healthcare staffing and workforce solutions nationally, Aya Healthcare, have announced its partnership with Health Scholars. The partnership will see Aya Healthcare leverage Health Scholars’ screen-based and virtual reality (VR) simulation course content to provide advanced continuing education to their travelers.

Health Scholars

“As the healthcare industry evolves, innovative education is imperative so we can provide the most educated, well-rounded travelers for our clients,” said Alan Braynin, President and CEO of Aya Healthcare. “Health Scholars offers advanced clinical training that will upskill our clinicians and allow them to be productive faster while on assignment.”

The Health Scholars blended learning platform improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical education efforts, aiming to deliver interactive content which addresses patient safety and nurse productivity. By using comprehensive quality analysis tools will allow Aya Healthcare to track performance, identify vulnerabilities and suggest customized, targeted training for individual travelers. All of this is beneficial to improving staffing and workforce solutions.

“We are thrilled about this partnership and the progressive approach this offers to educate a disseminated workforce with superior outcomes to traditional online and hands-on learning,” said April Hansen, Vice President of Clinical Services at Aya Healthcare.

Aya Healthcare

The partnership is another way in which Aya Healthcare is working to create the most educated travel clinician workforce in the industry. Having already recently launched the Aya Scholars Program, which recognizes travelers who exhibit leadership qualities, excellence in clinical performance and with the desire to continue to pursue new opportunities and develop themselves further.

“By partnering with Aya, Health Scholars gains access to a wide variety of clinical resources and ‘in the field’ perspectives to better inform our product development cycles and align our solutions to customer needs,” said Cole Sandau, Chief Commercial Officer, Health Scholars. “And Aya’s use of Health Scholars’ screen-based and VR simulation training will deliver the next evolution of learning and development to the Aya team. It’s a meaningful collaboration and we look forward to working with Aya to drive innovation and improve patient care.”

More information about the partnership and their currently available assignments, head over to Aya Healthcare’s website. For more on all things VR in the future, keep reading VRFocus.