Augmently Partners With 360Booth To Transform The Way Automotive Dealerships Attract Buyers

New augmented reality technology and three-dimensional photo solution allows for new methods of engagement.

Lost Angeles based augmented reality (AR) agency specializing in three-dimensional/life-like AR technology and creative virtual world innovations, Augmently, has announced a new partnership with 360Booth. This means that Augmently will be able to leverage 360Booth’s patented car dealer photo studio solution to bring multi-dimensional experiences to automotive dealerships across the globe.

Augmently and 360Booth

360Booth allows car buyers the opportunity to see professional quality photos without moving the vehicle without the need to worry about the background of the image. By moving the studio and the lighting around the car the photographer can capture photos with ease. The solution also doesn’t require any moving parts in order to move the car which reduces the chance of failure if they were to be using motors. By focusing on ensuring the highest quality of photos 360Booth is looking to being the “real” to buyers.

The technology being used by 360Booth can also be used to pre-visualize what a full-size booth with a vehicle inside will look like once at a dealership. From viewing the interior to under the hood, AR technology offers dealerships a unique and never-seen-before technique for automotive marketing though a mobile app.

“Augmented reality has a unique way of creating an emotional connection that can be the deciding factor of making a sale.” explains Ziggy Kormandel, CEO, Augmently: “That said, it’s important for the experience to be as realistic and lifelike as possible rather than a low-resolution presentation of the product that you see with so many other AR applications. Augmently prides itself on creating the most realistic experiences possible with today’s mobile devices.”

Augmently and 360Booth

Thanks to markerless AR technology, a users is able to scan the dealership floor in order to find the perfect spot for the booth to be installed. Once the floor is scanned, the mobile device or tablet camera can be used to view a life size, realistic 3D representation of the 360Booth exactly where the user wants it installed. They are then even able to walk through and around the booth to get a better understanding of the size and detail of it.

“Our exclusive patented car dealer photo solution technology gives automobile dealerships an entirely new way of showcasing their vehicles in a realistic multi-dimensional experience.” adds Jay Smithwreck, Founder & CEO, 360Booth: “Our mission has always been to give car dealers the opportunity to present the most realistic experience which has been proven to increase sales. Augmently has been a great partner in bringing that experience to another level and our dealership partners are loving every bit of it.”

As 360Booth and Augmently continue to develop the application further to enhance the automotive dealership environment, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest. You can also see a short video below which showcases the features of the new AR technology.

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